Update client sharepoint usage

Jan 5 at 9:12 AM
hello, i think it will be a great idea to use PnP as default provider of sharepoint, we can include the provisioning engine, may be this tools will be great more than other tools (like metalogix or AvePoint)
Feb 1 at 7:51 AM
Hi SlimMehrez, the SPCB tool purpose is to support consultants, developers, IT pro to have insights into the Site Collection and Tenant hierarchy. I do not have intentions to expand the tool to support migrations, provision or updating content in SharePoint. The tool is purely to have read-only features and have a better understanding of the SharePoint CSOM.

Supporting the tool and keep making updates takes quite some time. Which I enjoy, but let ensure the quality and pace of updates can be continued. When increasing the scope of the tool would be a risk to this.

Thanks for the feedback and thinking along the possibilities of the tool and for the community!

Regards Bram
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