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Report a bug

It's not very likely when working with SharePoint Client Browser issues or bugs occur. I'm doing my best to minimize these and for the less unfortunate ones I'll try to fix them as soon as possible. When you find an issue or bug, please help me by providing information.

Steps to report an issue
  • Set logging level to Verbose
    • Via the menu: Options » Logging Level » Verbose
  • Reproduce the steps causing the bug/issue
  • Open today's log file
    • Via the menu: Info » Open logs folder
    • (optional) Open the last log file in Notepad (file name: SPCB-MACHINENAME-2014MONTHDAY.log)
  • Register a new issue via Issues page
    • Include all logs information by attaching (upload) the log file for additional information

After registration of the issue I'll look into it and reply via this site.


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