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The following steps are done to release a new version:
  1. Update version numbers in AssemblyInfo.cs
  2. Update ReleaseNotes.txt
    1. Update version
    2. Update release date
    3. Update text: added, updated, fixed
  3. Build solution with Release configuration
  4. Check-in sources
  5. Apply Label in source control
    1. Name: SharePoint 2013 Client Browser vX.X.
    2. Description: Released SharePoint 2013 Client Browser vX.X.
    3. Server folder: $/spcb/SPCB2013
  6. Package ZIP-file
    1. Add SPBC2013.exe
    2. Add SharePoint Client assemblies
  7. Add new release to Downloads
  8. Update Project home page
    1. Make new screenshot and replace current on project home page
    2. Add new features to project home page
  9. Send tweet to update the whole world!

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